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Solar BEST was founded in 2006 and  since specialized in the design and installation of modern solar heating systems for homes, hotels, swimming pools / gyms nursing and restaurants. The sun is a precious gift of nature and in Cyprus generously offered to give us an opportunity to save energy and money.

We Offer

Free of charge

By using advanced TiSUN software’s our company offer you  free of charge your reliable simulation, comprehensive study and detailed quotation offer by fully dedicated Certified Engineers. The design of the Solar Thermal System, adjusted to the architecture and the peculiarities of each building and represents for Solar Best the key element in your entire investment.

We Have

Energy products

We exclusive representative in Cyprus the leading manufactures in Solar Thermal Energy products. The range is the most complete in the world market of Solar Systems and monitoring and remote configuration systems. This gives our company the opportunity to adjust the appropriate system depending on the requirements, needs and financial possibilities of each customer.

We Are

Qualified engineers

Solar Best treats each project as a unique regardless of size, location and available funds. Staff qualified engineers delivers electromechanical designs trained technical personnel who will install the system. Certified Specialist engineer controls, regulates and initiates the central solar system. By monitoring and counting of installed systems demonstrate in practice with numbers and documents.


TiSUN-Control is an Internet service run by TiSUN, allowing you to access your Webmodul from anywhere in the world with few clicks.

Images graphic

Store schematic diagrams of your solar system for later use in your live-data display. Select a schematic diagram or upload your own graphic.

Live schematic

Display your live data before the background of a schematic drawing of your solar system. Easily position the data items yourself.

Mobile & Tablets

For instance, many common mobile end devices are supported. The RPT software is also available for free download to configure the controller via internet.

Our Projects

Portfolio speak louder than words…

We know that the quality of our work is a base of our success, and we do our best to deliver you our the best solutions Solar Thermal Energy. Our team creates such designs that require your needs and high quality standards. Solar Energy is no secret science to us!

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