Who we are

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Who we are

Solar B.E.S.T. Ltd was established in 2006. Since then, it leads the way in the market of Cyprus with the main purpose to improve people’s quality of life with the most innovative technologies for heating and hot water. Always representing high-end brands and serving its customers at the highest standards.​

It was initially active with great success in the design, supply and installation of solar thermal systems for space heating, domestic hot water and swimming pool heating purposes. Our team of experienced professionals ensured flawless installations to more than 500 projects ranging from residential houses, gym / pool centers, hospitals and hotels. All the above systems were officially approved to a governmental grant.​

In 2016, having the same purpose and following the industry trends towards electricity energy, the company has evolved from specializing on solar thermal systems to expertise on designing and installing heat pump systems. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to refining custom, high-efficiency heating systems, providing complete end-to-end solutions that meet the need for thermal comfort. ​

Partnering with leading manufacturers like NIBE and Vaillant enables us to acquire the know-how, and becoming a true expert to cater to projects of varying scales, ranging from residential properties to large-scale industrial premises.

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The Founder

George M. Stylianou

MSc Mechanical Engineering

In 2006, he founded Solar BEST Ltd, of which he has been the Managing Director ever since. He was a consultant for engineering studies in large building units, while managing the design and installation of modern systems. He holds a B.Sc Marine Engineering (H.T.I.) from the Cyprus Higher Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering (B.U.T.E.) Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, and a Master of Science in Building Services Engineering at Loughborough University, England with specialization in Low energy Building Techniques for Hotels. He has 20 years of engineering experience.

Mr. Stylianou has been an active member of CMEA (Cyprus Mechanical Engineers Association) and ETEK (Professional Technical Chamber of Cyprus) since 2005. He took part in European and international conferences, with the Director of the Institute of Renewable Energy Sources of Austria, professor of Vienna University of Technology and president of IEA (International Energy Agency), and president of ESTIF (European Solar Thermal Industry Federation).

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