Smart Functions & Fields of Application of Smart Home

By choosing the SALUS Smart Home you will have the ideal control system for any type of heating / cooling / domestic hot water installation, thus making it easier for you to handle any type of such installation. In addition, the SALUS solution offers control over all electrical devices, automation of functions and measurement of energy consumption. In short, it offers control over the following:

HEATING (Heating Units – Underfloor Heating)

HEATING (Heating Units – Underfloor Heating)

COOLING (Heat Pumps & Fan coil)

COOLING (Heat Pumps & Fan coil)








  • In addition, you can remotely detect water leaks, as well as fires and automate the required actions, such as stopping the water supply, starting the fire safety system, etc.
  • The system also has a motion detector, with which we can automate actions: e.g. lower the temperature in the room (when no movement is detected for a period of time that we define) or turn on a light immediately, when movement is detected in the room, etc.

Programming the Smart Home - One Touch Rules - Functions from the future

The SALUS One Touch/Smart Home rules allow you to create your own scenarios during the day, based on meeting the needs you desire. In essence, it is the configuration of personalized programming in simple steps by selecting them through the system application, which allows you to simply control the functions of your home or business at any time and, if the conditions require it, to modify them wherever you are.

We encourage you to experience our system in action and evaluate its unlimited possibilities. See some ready-made solutions that we recommend for your everyday life and be inspired by them to create your own.

Intelligently planning the perfect day for you

Start your day with a benefit now knowing that the SALUS Smart Home takes care of you and your needs. So by creating a simple One Touch rule for your morning wake-up,

  • You can set the blinds to open automatically thus allowing sunlight into your home.
  • Also, having preselected the temperature of your space, you ensure thermal comfort.
  • Now you can be sure that every morning you will have hot water since the electric water heater will be activated automatically.
  • You are still able to automate the daily watering of your plants.

With a simple rule you can be sure of the safety of your home

  • Since you can automatically close the blinds and activate the alarm.
  • In addition, you achieve energy savings by setting the heat pump to be off during your absence.
  • Also, in terms of lighting you can choose which lights will stay on and which ones won’t, saving you extra energy.

You are able to check your home anytime you want

  • Since the SALUS Smart Home offers the possibility of remote control.
  • You don’t have to worry if you’re in a hurry that you forgot to turn on a device, since you can check it and turn it off through the application.
  • • In addition, an important possibility that SALUS offers you is to scan your home so that you can be sure that everything is working properly.

With the press of a button,

  • Allow the blinds to rise while enjoying the afternoon sun.
  • The heating system also returns to the desired temperature.
  • And the heat pump is activated so that you have hot water again.
  • Creating a simple rule automatically closes the shutters, garage door and exterior gate.
  • The exterior lights are activated.
  • And regard the temperature of the space, it is regulated in night-economy mode.

The One Touch rules when combined with the high expertise of its engineers, offering enormous flexibility in optimizing the operations of E/M installations, ensuring the maximum possible energy savings, in any installation. For example:

  • Automatically close the Fan Coil or the heater of the room, when the window of the corresponding room is opened.
  • Open the circulator of a zone, only when one of the thermostats of the zone requests heating.
  • When the temperature in the domestic hot water tank is below 45°C, start the heat pump to keep it between 45-50°C.

Remote control for Smart Home via the app for smart phone, tablet or PC.

With the free Salus Smart Home App we control all the important functions of the building in the most modern, efficient and intelligent way through the mobile phone, tablet or computer. The application is available in 16 languages, including Greek.


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