Air-Water Heat Pump for Heating, Cooling and DHW NIBE SPLIT SVM S332

Air-Water Heat Pump for Heating, Cooling and DHW NIBE SPLIT SVM S332

The NIBE SVM S332 is an intelligent indoor module that provides efficient heating, powerful cooling, and hot water with high performance for your home. Together with the NIBE AMS 20 outdoor module, it forms a complete climate system for high comfort with a simple installation.

The system operates at an outdoor temperature as low as -20°C and delivers a supply temperature of up to 58°C. It provides optimum savings as it automatically adapts to the house’s output requirements all year round. The effective cooling function allows the heat pump to deliver a comfortable indoor climate even at high outdoor temperatures.

With integrated Wi-Fi and the possibility of connecting to wireless accessories, the NIBE S-Series will become a natural part of your connected home. The smart technology adjusts the indoor climate automatically, while you have complete control from your smartphone or tablet. A high level of comfort and low energy consumption – and you’re doing nature a favour at the same time.



Combine NIBE SVM S332 with NIBE AMS 20 for a complete climate system.


High capacity, even down to -20°C, and effective cooling down to +7°C.


User-friendly touchscreen, wireless accessories and integrated wireless connectivity with energy-saving smart technology for a high level of comfort.