NIBE VVM 310 Air/Water heat pump

The NIBE VVM 310 is designed for combination with any NIBE air/water heat pump to create a highly-efficient, flexible climate system for your home. The NIBE VVM 310 has a smart, user-friendly control system which provides efficient heating/ cooling and hot water with high performance.

Installation of the NIBE VVM 310 is very simple since the water heater, electric additional heat and self-regulating circulation pumps are included. Thanks to smart technology, the product gives you control over your energy consumption and will be a key part of your connected home.

The efficient control system automatically adjusts the indoor climate for maximum comfort, and you do nature a favour at the same time.


Smart and user-friendly

Customised function with smart control system

Integrated system

Combine with a NIBE air/water heat pump for an integrated system

Part of your smart home

Control your comfort online using NIBE Uplink