T-FAST ie40 compact

DHW production wall hang module with electronic regulation (40 l/min)

T-FAST ie40 compact is an instantaneous domestic hot water production module that uses the working principle of a stainless steel plate heat exchanger to meet a wide use if coupled with buffer tanks.

The setting of the domestic hot water outlet temperature (secondary side) is made by the modulation of the primary water flow through a high efficiency pumo controlled by a MFWC electronic controller with PWM signal.

Is available a DHW recirculation pump kit.

Plus / Advantages:
• Compact module 400x600x250 mm

• Domestic hot water is produced on requests, so that big accumulations are not necessary;

• DHW nominal supply 40 l/min ;

• High performances thanks the oversized plate heat exchanger

• High reduction of water stagnation and legionella risk

• Possibility to install domestic recirculation;

• Quick installation and easy maintenance;

• It may be combined with every heat generator.

• Complete with thermal insulation