NIBE UKV Buffer vessels

The NIBE UKV is a series of buffer vessels which are primarily designed for connection to heat pumps to achieve greater volumes with the heating system.

This optimises the operation of the heat pump. The NIBE UKV can also be connected to reduce temporary heat spikes caused by movements in the pipe installation during temperature changes. The NIBE UKV is available in the sizes 40, 100, 200, 300 and 500 litres.

For systems with active cooling, it is best to use the condensation-insulated NIBE UKV 200 or NIBE UKV 300.

For the NIBE UKV 500 the insulation can be removed to make handling the product easier.


Large volume and better heat pump operation

Volume expansion for the heating system

Flow and temperature equaliser

For a highly efficient and safe climate system without heat spikes

Active cooling

Condensation-insulated NIBE UKV 200 or NIBE UKV 300 for systems with active cooling